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This is the only photo Zach would let me take of him. Can you really blame him now that Gov. Phil "Ass Clown" Scott made thought crimes illegal? Zach saw the writing on the wall: It's one reason he's living in a tree house in Vermont with his family.

So how exactly did he get there? What lead him to free himself of what he describes as a, "Neo-feudal, debt-slave, landfill-economy?"

You'll just have to read the book to find out!

Why is it complimentary*, you ask? According to Zach, The concept is quite simple. He's just like the bum in the subway who plays the five-gallon buckets, or sings along to the demo song that came with his keyboard. He exchanges, "Art," in the hopes someone will throw him some shekels. Only this way, you don't have to smell his bum smell, or make eye contact. You can do it in the comfort of your own home like a good Cupcake.

So, download the e-book for free and read all about the adventures of Zach Dolager! It's about a heavily armed hermit who gave the middle finger to society and now lives in the woods of Vermont. The Truths and tales revealed are so soul-crushing and True that we had to classify it as, "Fiction," for legal purposes.

Take a break from fulfilling your destiny as a faceless consumer in our landfill-economy and read the book today! Click the hand with the quill at the top of the site to purchase in paperback or download for free below. You can also give me a tip by clicking the, "Donate," link:




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